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A quality highlight reel is essential for you if you're looking to showcase yourself to college soccer programs.

Your video can be the difference between a coach coming to watch you play or actively recruiting you based on what they see on the reel. 

PG Method- experts in athletic soccer recruiting and video production can take your existing footage, shoot new footage, or combine the two.  Whatever method you choose, you are guaranteed a reel of the highest quality.


   3-5 minutes of action

   Slow motion/spotlight editing for easy player identification

   Student-athlete resume page

   1 copy of DVD (additional copies $5)

  ​ Downloadable file to be used for player profile, email, youtube, etc


​.mov (highly recommended)



Submit footage on a flash drive or DVD.

Existing Footage

Pass along your existing footage and within two weeks you will have a professionally edited video ready for distribution to college programs.  Quality footage only.  Player must be easy to identify and action must showcase player in a positive light.

Cost with existing footage: 


Includes editing of up to

eight games.

Additional editing is $100/hour

New Footage HD

PG Method will send a professional videographer to one or multiple games as needed, edit the footage, and then produce a reel within two weeks. Cost is based on the number of games that are filmed/edited.  Footage is captured in full HD using Hi-Pod, elevated filming equipment.

Cost with new footage:

1 game                     2 games

$325                         $475

3 games                 4 games

$595                         $695

Combination Footage

Combines your existing footage (up to 8 games) with new footage.  A highlight reel is produced in two weeks.

Cost with combination footage:

$595 plus additional $175 for each game filmed.

Pete Gail has over 12 years experience in the film industry .  This experience combined with his knowledge of recruiting results in a fantastic looking highlight reel that is everything a college coach wants to see and nothing they don't.

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